Our story starts in Lombok Indonesia. Ekas Breaks hotel offers comfortable bungalows, spacious suites, a restaurant as well as a pool to dip your feet in as you relax and plan your next day’s activities. We are located 2 km away from surrounding beaches and will take care of the planning and logistics of all activities, so that you can focus on enjoying the resort and all that Ekas has to offer.


Where is the resort located?
Ekas Breaks is located in a beautiful, remote and un-crowded part of East Lombok. The resort is only 1 hour drive from the international airport of Praya and the well-known surf destination Kuta. It’s a perfect place for surfers, kitesurfers and those with a sense of adventure. With its unspoiled landscape and loads of outdoor activities it is truly a unique experience!
How is the surf in Ekas?
Ekas Bay, a remote and beautiful bay in South East Lombok, appeals to all levels of surfers. The two surf spots, Ekas Inside and Ekas Outside, offer great surfing in stunning scenery with both safe and difficult waves. Ekas Breaks hotel is ideally located only 1 km from Ekas Bay, where the two surf breaks are reached easily with our boatman in 10 minutes.  Thanks to its particular location and set-up, Ekas Bay generally has swell all year round. The peak season is from April until early November, when classic 6-12ft (2-4m) longer period swells arrive from a SSW-WSW direction, which continue to arrive at 3-6ft (1-2m) during the wet season. Outside Ekas is a long, hollow wall that breaks left under a cliff face. This wave is for the more experienced surfer as there is a lot of water moving and the wave is quite powerful. Best on mid to high tides and a south east wind. Inside Ekas is the fun and playful little brother. It’s suitable for all abilities, breaking long and perfect far inside the bay. The wave breaks as a peak in both right and left. The right is a high quality wave, particularly on low tide, suitable for advanced surfers. The left winds down the reef at high tide, a softer wave ideal for the less experienced surfer who wants a classic long ride. Both short and long boards are suitable on the left. Depending on the tide, swell, wind and your desire to surf something different, there are other potential waves in the nearby «Southern Reefs» such as Sereweh. These are good in the wet season, or early mornings before the wind comes up in the dry. These reefs face straight into the swell and so they break nearly all the time. Hollow left and right peaks break in small swells. In large swells, one newly discovered hollow right winds over 800 m down the reef on the open coast.
How is kitesurf in Kaliantan ?
Kaliantan Kite Surf is a Kite School operating in Kaliantan, East Lombok, since 2014 and setup by the founders of Ekas Breaks located in the nearby village of Ekas. KKS is the first licensed Kite School in Lombok being IKO affiliated with IKO certified instructors and located in the most windy part of the Island.

The wind season starts mid-April and ends late September with winds ranging from 15 to 25 knots. The Kite Surfing playground offers a large lagoon with flat water protected by a long reef line as well as waves to play in behind it.

It also offers a 7 kilometre downwind for the most adventurous.

Liquid Force has been selected as equipment partner and the latest models are available every year from the Envy and Solo collections.

The School provides security both on the beach and in the water with our Waverunner SHO Jetski. Being located in a remote, unbuilt and pristine part of the Island, Kaliantan is a peace of paradise. Come enjoy the luxury to Kite Surf in an uncrowded part of Lombok !



It all began 15 years ago when four friends, brought together by a shared passion for travel, backpacked across the islands of Java, Bali and Lombok.


The incredible landscapes, fascinating discoveries and encounters with the people of these islands left them with an everlasting impression. And since then they’ve come back every year.


This journey encapsulates Ekas Breaks. Experiencing the unknown, embracing adventure, and seeing things from a different perspective. And always seeking to be in tune with the surrounding nature, the ocean and the mountains.


Our resort opened in April 2014. It represents a culmination of our passion for Lombok and, above all, the start of a new adventure, a story that we will write together: with you and with our friends in Indonesia.


Feel alive, discover the essential.

Ekas Breaks Team



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